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General Surgery FAQ’s

Answers to the most common questions about surgery and our practice.

How do I setup a consult with one of the physicians?
We typically schedule consults on a first-available basis. Bariatric consults are handled separately. Please refer to the Bariatric Program link from our home page.

How soon can I get this consultation?
We can generally schedule a consultation within one week of your call, for non-urgent cases.

After I have my consultation, what happens next?
If you are an appropriate surgical candidate and you and your doctor choose to procede with surgery, any of the following may occur:

At your initial consult visit, we may talk with you and schedule your case while you are here.
We may need to schedule you for labs or diagnostic tests prior to proceeding with surgery.
We may need to schedule you for other consultations prior to proceeding (eg, gastroenterology, cardiology, etc.).

What is pre-admission testing (PAT)?
Depending on various factors, you may be required to have pre-admission testing with the hospital before your procedure. This depends on age of the patient, the particular procedure performed, certain risk factors, or requirements of the hospital or anesthesiologist. We will let you know if pre-admission testing is required in your case. Typically, pre-admission testing requires the patient to report to the hospital several days before a scheduled procedure for simple lab work and diagnostics. You will also pre-register for your surgery at that point.

Are you located in the 1022 Tower?
No. We are located in the Shelby Medical Building which is ¼ mile further down the road, on the hospital campus.

When is my payment due?
Elective procedures (procedures we schedule in advance) require patient pre-payment. Even if a patient has insurance there are often deductible, co-payments or other cost-sharing provisions associated with your procedure. We will collect your pre-surgery payment portion for the surgeon’s services in advance of your procedure. For non-emergent cases, if a required pre-payment is not provided will we reschedule your procedure at a more convenient time.

Do all surgeries require some type of bowel preparation?
No. Typically, hemorrhoid, colon, rectal, and most GI surgeries will have some associated pre-op regimen. We will tell you if that applies in your specific case.

Will you complete FMLA or disability forms?
Yes. Please note that some forms will have associated fees, depending on the physician involvement in completion.

When can I go back to work after a laparoscopic surgery?
There is no set time that is right for everyone. The type of work you do (manual labor vs. desk job, etc.), your own pain/discomfort threshold, and other medical conditions you have effect this. You and your surgeon will share in that decision at your first post-operative visit.

When is the redness around the wound an infection?
The wounds are closed with an absorbable suture just beneath the skin, and a few millimeters of redness surrounding the wound is not uncommon, and does not necessarily indicate an infection. However, a wound that is becoming increasingly painful, has an area of redness that is also swollen and growing, or is associated with fever should be brought to the attention of your surgeon or their assistant.

What are the lifting restrictions after surgery?
Generally, no heavy lifting for 1-2 weeks after the laparoscopic abdominal or thoracic surgery. However, lifting will generally not put more strain on your wounds than coughing or sneezing, and, unfortunately, we don’t have the ability to prevent you from doing that! Thus, lifting is seldom a source of wound disruption. We recommend common sense; don’t try to lift something if it hurts, and if you feel pain, stop. We will talk to you about your job and daily activities and any precautions you should take after surgery.

When can I drive?
This is generally decided on a patient by patient basis, so please check with your surgeon at the time of that follow-up appointment.

Nondiscrimination Statement:

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