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Laparoscopy is a commonly performed procedure to investigate or explore organs in a less invasive manner, and also used in abdominal and pelvic surgeries.

Laparoscopy allowes direct visualization of the abdominal cavity. The laparoscope is a long thin instrument with a light source at its tip, to light up the inside of the abdomen or pelvis. Fiberoptic fibers carry images from a lens, also at the tip of the instrument, to a video monitor, which the surgeon and other operating room staff can view in real time.

Carbon dioxide (CO2) is introduced into the abdomen through a special needle that is inserted just below the navel. This gas helps to separate the organs inside the abdominal cavity, making it easier for the physician to see the organs during laparoscopy. The gas is removed at the end of the procedure.


Procedures done by Laparoscopy

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